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Biopsies and FNAC are the first step towards treatment of most disorders. With precise image guidance, it is easy to target the disease in its early stage as well as provide material for specialized pathological testing to improve patient outcomes.

FNAC involves the insertion of a fine needle into the lesion and removal of cells on a slide. These cells are then sent for testing. Needle biopsies are procedures, which are done to get a tissue sample for testing. A thick needle is inserted inside the lesion and then multiple pieces of tissues are then sent for specialized testing.

In the past, surgery was done to get the biopsy samples. These procedures were long and had more chances of complications. But with the help of CT and ultrasound guidance, the lesions that are small or deep inside the body can be accessed safely with minimal chance of complications. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and in most cases the patient is discharged within the same day.

Our experts specialize in doing biopsy from lung lesions, omentum, lymphnodes and deeper pelvic masses.

Similarly, thin or thick flexible tubes (catheters) can be inserted through the skin to drain collections inside the body to provide relief to patients and send them home faster. These catheters are flexible and cause minimal discomfort to patients.